Purchasing original art, prints, and photographs unframed can save an art lover considerable money. But getting them matted and framed under glass can be expensive. Then, there are people who have a collection of mementos or family photos that they want to display attractively. Taking images of any sort to a professional framer will result in a beautiful display. But the cost may be too much for some people. There are online frame suppliers such as EzeFrame.co.uk that will help customers measure, choose and order mounts, mats, acrylic sheets, and frames that fit perfectly at bargain prices.

Measuring The Artwork Or Photographs

The company who will supply the Picture Frames will also supply picture mounts, mats, and the supplies to put everything together. To start each framing project, the customer must measure the artwork or photo. The mat must overlap the edges of the piece, so if a customer gives the exact size, the company will make an adjustment of 2mm adjustment to each side so there is an overlap. Then the customer must decide the outside measurement of the mount. This is determined by deciding how wide a border around the image will be or what size frame will be used. The frame can be a standard size or a custom size. Standard sizes are less expensive than custom cut frames. The customer may choose a frame size that looks right for their image and then have the mount fit that frame. There are easy to follow directions and forms to fill out.

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Choosing The Mount Color

Mounts or mats come in many colors and textures. They come in standard sizes and custom sizes. Once the measurements are determined, the mat color can be chosen. Some people prefer to use all white mounts or mats. Others prefer to use the mat as part of the artwork in a coordinating color that enhances the piece. A person can choose a single mat or a double mat. A double mat is two mats with one having a slightly larger opening. In this case, two colors must be chosen.

Choosing The Frame

The final step is to choose the frame that looks best with the image and its mat or mounting. There are hundreds of picture frames to choose from. A customer can narrow down the choices by color or finish, then by size of molding, and finally by price. The frame size will be the outside measurement of the mount or mat. The frames are designed to overlap the edges. Then the customer will decide if they need a protective layer of acrylic. The frame supplier can send the elements all assembled and ready to attach the artwork. They include exact instructions for assembling everything.

When all the choices are made and the order form is filled out, payment can be made and the frames shipped. For more information on frames, go to the website.

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